LGBTQ-friendly places in Estonia
When choosing a location, we follow the generally accepted LGBTQ friendly location.

We hope that the time spent by our team in the chosen places will be safe and memorable.
Our team
  • Artjom Pähkel

  • Lysa Kenk

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Our goal is to create a network of locations in Estonia that offers customers and employees a comfortable and safe environment. In particular, we are talking about the LGBTQ community and friendly places for them.
Place name and registry code
Contact via which we can contact you (e-mail and phone)
Describe the activities related to supporting the LGBTQ community at your location (events, documents, financial support, etc.)
NB! Are you ready to make a one-time donation to support the NGO? (We ask new members to pay a minimum donation of 180 euros to facilitate the work of the NGO. We understand that not everyone has this opportunity, and therefore we will contact you personally within a week depending on the answer)
  • Sille-Kadri Simer
    Stand-up comedian
    “It is sad that not all places in Estonia are safe for the LGBTQ community. We need to develop a network in Estonia where everyone can feel free and safe, regardless of their personality or appearance”
  • Aurora ja Daria
    Owners of Osteria Moderna
    "We would like hotels, spas and leisure places to join Koht pluss, where people can go on dates and not be ambarrassed about their relationships"
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